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Commercial Kitchen Utensils


We are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of kitchen utensils in Bangalore (copper, brass, aluminium, stainless steel utensils etc); our aim is to offer you the best buys in top quality kitchen cum dining accessories. We provide the best collection of quality kitchen utensils at smart prices. We supply all types of utensils like Gastronorm Pan (GN Pans in SS and PC), acrylic plates, Aluminium Utensils, Brass Handi, Cheffing Dish Laddle, Chinese Wok, Cocktail Shaker, Conical Stainer, Copper Ware, Cutlery Tray, Hammered Jugs, Hammered Plates, Iron Kadai, Mandoline Slicer, Nozzle Sets, Rice Strainer, Spatula, Steel Handis, Stock Pot, Butter Dish and many more items.

Acrylic Plates

Acrylic Trays

Aluminium Idli Box

Aluminium Utensils

Brass Handi

Butter Dish

Cheffing Dish Laddle

Chinese Kadai

Chinese Wok

Cocktail Shaker

Coffee Kettle

Commercial Fry Pan

Condiment Holders

Conical Stainer

Copper Bottom Top

Copper Ware

Cutlery Tray

Fry Jhara

Fry Pan

Hammered Jugs

Hammered Plates

Hawkins Cooker

Ice Bucket

Ice Cream Cups

Iron Kadai

K.O.T. Holder

Mandoline Slicer

Masala Box

Momo Steamer

Muffin Tray

Napkin Stand

Nozzle Sets

Pepper Salt

Pizza Cutter


Rice Strainer

Roti Basket

Roti Basket P.P



S-S- jugs

Steel Handis

Stock Pot


Tea Urn

Tiffin Carrier

Water Jugs

Water Pitcher

Sizzler Plates

(Oval, Square, Round)

Gastronorm Pans (GN Pan)